Reserve tickets

Tickets are free on a first-come first-served basis. To register for tickets, please visit our registration service through the New Museum website at the links below. For questions about the festival, please email For assistance with completing your registration, please contact or call 212-219-1222.

Doors to the DEMO2023 Lounge will open at 10am daily. As this is a free program, NEW INC welcomes all to join. In the case the theater has reached its seating capacity, priority will be given to those who have registered in advance. Please note registration does not fully guarantee admission to the theater.

The New Museum Lobby will become the DEMO2023 Lounge, with seating (couches, tables, chairs), charging, food, beverages, and a festival live stream available throughout the day. If the theater reaches capacity, guests will be able to enter a digital queue and receive sms notifications when a seat becomes available while waiting in the lounge. Late seating will be offered on a limited basis, we recommend arriving at least 30 minutes prior to each session to ensure seating.  The festival live stream will be visible and audible throughout the day in the DEMO2023 Lounge.

Live CART captions will be provided in the New Museum Theater as well as on the festival’s live stream. The New Museum and New Museum Theater are fully accessible from street level.

**if ticket registration fills up, please follow NEW INC on Instagram for additional ticket releases or email for a small amount of tickets available to industry professionals. A festival livestream will be available for each day of the festival.